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Late Shrimati Asha Dixit


Late Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit

Based out of Kannauj, The Perfume City of India, A.V. Perfumers is a trusted producer of natural attars, crafted from the finest ingredients found in India. Our attars are created using traditional methods, ensuring the authentic and long-lasting fragrance of nature in every drop. With a history of more than a 100 years of our parent firm in the perfume manufacturing business, we have successfully established A.V. Perfumers as an individual setup to cater to the needs of the growing demands of our valuable customers. Committed to quality and sustainability, we strive to deliver the purest and most vibrant aromas to enrich the lives of our customers.


Indian attar is a type of perfume made from natural, botanical ingredients and essential oils. It is a traditional product of Kannauj, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Kannauj has a long history of attar production and is known as the "perfume capital" of India. The production process for attar is labor-intensive and involves distilling the ingredients to extract the fragrant oils. The resulting attar is a concentrated, long-lasting fragrance that is used in perfumes, incense, beauty care and other products. We source our raw materials from local farmers and use traditional techniques to produce high-quality attars. The demand for natural, organic products has led to an increase in the popularity of Indian attar, and it is now exported to countries around the world.

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